FRP Septic Tank System

Envisafe® Septic Tank is an excellent solution for a cleaner and healthier lifestyle. This Tank serves as a sewage treatment system, used especially in areas with no or limited connection to main sewage pipes. It provides an anaerobic bacterial environment which decomposes or mineralizes the waste discharged into the tank.

Envisafe® is an accurately designed Septic Tank that odor-free, rust-proof, environmental-friendly and easy to install. Besides periodic inspection and pumping of the Septic Tank, it can lasts for decades with no maintenance.

How It Works ?
First filtration process begins when sewage water flows through the inlet pipe to the first compartment of the tank. The first compartment of the tank consists of Multicell® A which functions as an interactive agent that is especially designed for the vermicular organisms to grow and multiply optimally and acts as a catalyst to the biological reaction that takes place during the initial sewage and bacteria digestion process.

Subsequently, the remaining sewage and bacteria flows towards the second compartment of the tank which is equipped with Multicell® B that is the second interactive agent where another biological reaction takes place as the sewage comes into contact with Multicell® B which causes further breakdown of the bacteria and sewage present in the water.

Eventually, refined water goes through the outlet pipe which may be accompanied by a disinfectant system.

  • Easy installation: heavy equipments are not required to transport and install Envisafe® Septic Tanks due to its lightweight nature.
  • Long Lifespan: Envisafe® Septic Tanks are not affected by the gases created by sewage so they do not deteriorate like concrete/steel tanks. Envisafe® Septic Tank is guaranteed to last longer than Poly-septic tanks. A properly cared-for system can last for decades and possibly a lifetime.
  • Non-permeable: will not transmit water, gases, all of which are considered fluids. Therefore, Envisafe® Septic Tanks will not produce any undesirable odor to its environment.
  • Rust-proof: Envisafe® Septic Tanks are made from Fiberglass which has a non-corrosive nature.