Engineering & Quality Control

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Offering highly expertise within composites engineering advanced analysis of materials specification and computerized design, we are able to continuously provide innovative design, efficient cost and high quality products and solution to our customers.

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  • In-coming raw materials inspection.
  • in-process inspection.
  • Final / Finish goods inspection.
  • Control and monitor of measuring device
  • Collect the quality data to continual improvement.
  • With Engineering Dept. will issue the MDR (Manufacturing Data Record c/w Certificate of Conformance).

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In-coming Raw Materials Inspection

  • To maintain the product quality consistency, all of in-coming raw material shall be inspected prior to use for fabrication process.
  • The test method shall be carried-out randomly for each lot number.
  • The test involved, visual inspection, viscosity, reactivity, weight per area, tex number, resin absorption and etc.

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In-process Inspection

  • To maintain the quality consistency of production process.
  • The inspection shall be focused to the suitability of working procedure/method, infrastructure and materials standard that used.
  • The inspection shall be carried-out for each step of fabrication process.

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Final / Finish Goods Inspection

  • To ensure the product conformity with the customer requirement and legal standard prior delivered to client.
  • The test and inspection shall be carried-out 100 % for each product resulted.
  • The test and inspection involved of dimension and visual inspection, barcol hardness, leak or hydrostatic pressure test, spark test (for FRP lining at metal equipment ) and etc.

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Control & Monitor of Measuring Device

  • To ensure the precision & accuracy of all measuring devices that used for manufacturing activity.
  • All measuring device shall be calibrated periodically as per determined time schedule.
  • The calibration process shall be carried-out by internally itself and externally to calibration service body.

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Collect the Quality Data for Continual Improvement

  • Step by step the product quality must be improved continuously.
  • With the quality data the problem which have relationship with product quality and process will be easy to traced, prevented and corrected.

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Manufacturing Data Record (MDR) & Certificate of Conformance (COC)

  • Engineering and QC dept will issue the MDR & COC for each product that had fabricated as the evidence of our concern to the quality and to enhance the customer satisfaction.
  • In the MDR shall included of :
    1. Data sheet of product.
    2. Design Drawing.
    3. Design Calculation.
    4. Fabrication Quality Manual & Procedure.
    5. Quality Inspection Report ( i.e : Raw material, In-process & finish goods).
    6. Certificated of Analysis (COA) of raw materials that used.
  • In the COC shall include of :
    1. Product Specification & Qty.
    2. Material specification that used.
    3. Product warranty.