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Graha Fiber GlassPT Graha Fortuna Purnama was established in 1971 as a private company in the field of Reinforced Plastics Product and Engineering.  The company's main office is located at Jl. Pluit Selatan Raya , North Jakarta and its 50.000 Km2 factory resides in Jl Mauk Raya Km. 5 Tangerang.

PT Graha Fortuna Purnama  owns two branches, one is in Surabaya, East Java, and the other one is in Semarang (Central Java). These branches are currently employing 500 skilled workers.

PT Graha Fortuna Purnama's icon, FLIPPER, has made the exceptional recognition in the industries such as the Pulp and Paper Industry, Chemical Processing Plants, Food and Soft Drink Processing Industries, Power Plants, Cement Industry, Petroleum Industry, Agriculture Plants, etc.

The company's keys to success are, offering competitive prices, manufacturing high quality products, fast after sales service, and increasing the responsibility and maintaining healthy relationships with our clients, because we are aware that customers remains the most important element in the business.

To face the future challenges of global products and technology improvement, as well as the Asian Free Trade Area (AFTA), the company constantly increases its products and management quality along with its human resources and equipments.

PT. Graha Fortuna Purnama produces:

  • Pipes and Fittings ID 25 mm to 2000 mm
  • Vertical Tanks, fabricated at the factory for those with volume capacities of under  100 m3 and constructed on site using Helical Filament Winding System for those of over 100 m3 to 1000 m3.
  • Horizontal Tank with volume capacity of 10 m3 to 100 m3
  • Fan Stack for Cooling Tower casing
  • Lining and Coating
  • Air and waste water treatment plant (A-wwtp) equipments
  • Roofing, Gutter, Tube Settler and Translucent Sheets
  • custom-designed products are also available.

PT Graha Fortuna Purnama's product manufacturing quality is backed up by the CFA (Composite Fabricators Association, USA) and its processes are in accordance with International standards such as American National Standard Industrial (ANSI), Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS), British Standard Specifications (BS), American Standard of Testing Material (ASTM), and DIN, along with the existing customer standards.

The advantages of FLIPPER products are:

  • Strong and light weight
  • Maintenance free
  • High Corrosion resistance
  • Heat and cold resistance Fire proof
  • Low cost
  • Good Internal surface
  • Flexibility in design

PT. Graha Fortuna Purnama guarantees its products' quality for a  minimum of 2 years up to 20 years.
Our fabrication equipments are:

  • Helical Filament Winding Computerize Machine with 3 axis system from Plastrex France
  • Resin Transfer Molding Compound (RTM)
  • Sheet Molding Compound (SMC)
  • Bulk Molding Compound (BMC)

Selecting best quality materials are highly necessary in order to get superior products. PT Graha Fortuna Purnama is supplied with materials from renowned high quality brands such as:

Glass Fiber:

  • Surfacing Veil: Regina Glass Fibre Pty. Ltd. Australia
  • Chopped Strand Matt; Asahi Fiberglass Co. Japan
  • Woven Roving; Asahi Fiberglass Co. Japan
  • Rovin Yarn; Asahi Fiberglass Co. Japan

Polyester Resin:

  • Derakane - D411 Dow Chemical USA
  • Hetron - H 922 Ashland USA
  • ATLAC 382 DSM
  • LP-8-Q SHCP Co. Singapore

We provide advice for the suitable product usage, as well as working closely with our customers to identify problems and work out the solutions. We always give the right suggestions at the right places.
We sell our products to local contractors and other buyers in the local markets. Since the last ten years, we have exported to several countries such as Germany, Japan, Australia, Mexico, etc.

Graha Fiber Glass


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